More finding, less searching

Stop tracing your finger through long documents - CTRL-F allows you to quickly search all types of printed texts: Books, magazines, user manuals, and everything else you can think of!

Printed texts

Search any printed document: Books, magazines, user manuals - you name it

PDF Export

Export your document as a fully searchable PDF, for free! Other apps charge a monthly fee for this.

50+ languages

CTRL-F supports searching texts in more than 50 languages. The app is especially helpful if you don't speak the language and are looking for a specific word in a wall of text.

Looking for a needle in the haystack?

Get help when trying to find an elusive word or phrase.

Scan to search

To search a document, simply scan the page using your device's camera.

As powerful as your PC

The app then analyses the document and you'll be able to search within it after a few seconds, just like you would with a digital document and CTRL-F on a PC!

Any device

The app works on any Android device, including tablets. Support for iOS is coming soon.

See it in action

A video says more than our ramblings - check out the app in action below

Explore the app's features

Apart from allowing you to quickly search all types of printed texts, such as books, magazines, and user manuals, you can also export the document as a searchable PDF - something other apps charge a monthly fee for

  • Search any printed document!

  • Export as a fully searchable PDF

  • Searches texts in over 50 languages

  • Free and without ads


Some eye-candy

Feedback? Questions? We love hearing from you!

We're working on the ability to scan multiple pages while they are being processed for searching in the background. Stay tuned!

No, neither the documents, scan images, or your searches are sent anywhere. Everything is processed locally on your own device.

Please make sure that the document is well-lit when scanning it (use the flash, if possible). Blurry images are difficult for the app to search. If an image turns out blurry, it is often quicker to take another pic than to continue with the blurry image.

Please contact us using the button on the left - we love hearing from you and are working hard to fix every issue and develop new features.