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The most common issues with the app are covered in this section. If you can't find the issue you're facing, please contact us via the support form.

How can I make sure the app is working correctly?

Launch the app and follow the setup steps. Then, switch off your phone's screen and send an email to yourself from your PC. After a few seconds, the notification screen should light up!

The screen sometimes turns on to the lockscreen, even if my phone is in my pocket

Please go to your phone's system settings --> "Security" --> "Device administrators" and tick the checkbox next to "DynamicNotifications". This will *only* allow the app to lock your screen, nothing else!

When I lock my screen, nothing happens!

The app isn't a lockscreen replacement. It respects your security settings (PIN/Pattern lock) and only appears if you actually receive a new notification while the screen is turned off

Will the app become available for Android 2.x, 3.x?

The app is now compatible with Android 4.0+. If you're running Android 4.3+, it will make use of the new "NotificationListenerService"-feature introduced in Android 4.3.

Why can't I uninstall the app?

Please go to your system settings, select "Security", “Device Administrators” and uncheck the DynamicNotifications-entry. You will then be able to uninstall the app.

My phone starts talking to me when I enable the app?!

This is a known Samsung-bug; Please go to your system settings, select "Apps" --> Samsung TTS engine --> Disable. If this doesn't work, please go to your system settings, select "Accessibility", "Talkback" (even though it's disabled), "Settings", and uncheck every checkbox that you find in this menu. If this still doesn't help, please install SVOX Classic (free) but don't install any language packages. Then, select SVOX as your "preferred engine" in the "Language & input" system settings panel (under "Text-to-speech output").