Battery Genie

Keep an eye on your devices' battery level and automatically get alerts when it's time to recharge

Grabbing your phone or tablet when you’re leaving the house, only to realize that the battery is almost at zero can be a real bummer. Have Battery Genie alert you on your PC or Mac when your device’s battery level is getting low to avoid being stranded with a dead battery.
After installing the app on your devices, head over to the Chrome Webstore on your PC or Mac to download the corresponding Chrome extension ( That’s it! From now, any time you want to check on the current battery level of a device, simply click on the icon in your Chrome toolbar.
For each device, you can set at which level the app should alert you of a low battery via a Chrome desktop notification. You can also configure alerts on the devices themselves (say, to get alerted on your phone when your tablet is about to run dry).

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